Israel Warns Biden About JCPOA

Is Joe Biden Starting A war by betraying our allies?

Joe Biden Chooses The JCPOA And Iran Over Israel. Joe Biden has turned his back on Israel and decided to give his allegiance to Iran, the country that has vowed to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map. Iran has long said it would destroy Israel as soon as they can obtain nuclear weapon. Joe Biden and the democrats are working hard to give Iran the support they need to obtain those nuclear weapons. The Biden administration out of their hate for America and President Donald Trump, has voiced their intention of rejoining the greatly flawed JCPOA, ( The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action ) or ( The Iran Nuclear Deal ) agreement with Iran.

If the Biden administration does that it will give Iran the green light to complete their goals of obtaining nuclear weapons to fulfill their evil plan of destroying Israel with those nuclear weapons, which would be a gift form the Biden administration to Iran. In a natural response, one born of self preservation and the defense of the weak, a role played by the US for centuries which is being ended by the Nazi democrat party of America, Benjamin Netanyahu stated Israel will do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from completing their nuclear weapon goals.

US And Israel Flag

Joe Biden Chooses The JCPOA And Iran Over Israel

The Biden administration has lost face with the world within days of taking office. Most of the world leaders recognize the illegitimacy of Joe Biden as president from the rigged election last November. This only helps solidify their views on the illegitimate administration. It also makes the world a more dangerous place to have such a corrupt and weak leader sitting in the White House.

Israel has tried to warn Joe Biden about rejoining the JCPOA with Iran, and the serious consequences it has for the world. After a time of peace between Israel and it’s Arab neighboring countries as has never been seen, due to President Trumps leadership, that peace has been evaporated in short time due to the Biden administrations bungling of every thing they touch.

Israel Warned Biden Administration Of The Dangers

Former Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon made it clear that Israel would consider a range of possible responses if the US re-entered the Iranian nuclear deal. He made it perfectly clear that war is probable if the US supports Iran in their goal to achieve nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.

“They know what our expectations are,” former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon told Newsweek. “They know what are the flaws of the agreement, we said it publicly in the past, I put it in front of the Security Council a few times.”

The world understands these are serious times, but the Nazi democrat party extremists of the US seems bent on furthering the damage to the US and it’s allies every chance they get. They already weakened the US by trying to eliminate our ability to be energy independent by cancelling the XL Pipeline deal and cancelling leases for oil oil exploration on Government Lands.The US needs to get a hold of it’s election process and make it fair and honest once again. If it doesn’t, the Nazi democrat party will finally have total control, and America as the world has known it, will cease to exist.

As America goes, so does the world. It’s just a simple fact, if America’s military might crumbles, or falls into the control of the Nazi Democrat Left in America, there will be no way to counter the sudden imbalance of power in such a short period of time. The worlds evil players such as Russia, China, Iran and all their little minions would waste no time in taking advantage of the sudden balance of military might. The world will be plunged into total chaos and war that will undoubtedly bring an end to life on earth as we know it today. The Nazi Democrat Party must be stopped before they can cause more damage than can be repaired.

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