Why Does Illegitimate President Biden Support OPEC

Why Does Illegitimate President Biden Choose OPEC Over America ?

The big question is, Why Does Illegitimate President Biden Support OPEC ?  For years the Democrats have always tried to destroy America’s economy, and to weaken our standing in the world. The Nazi Democrat party doesn’t speak for America, it speaks for countries that want to do America harm.

Illegitimate President Joe Biden and the Nazi Democrat party are bent on destroying America’s economy. The sole purpose is to weaken America to the point we won’t be able to deal with outside threats such as Russia, China, Iran and others that want America out of the way. Their intentions can’t be hid when they do things that harm the economy in such astronomical ways. By purposefully destroying America’s economy they are working in tandem with America’s enemies, which is nothing short of Treason. Iran has already spoken out publicly and thanked illegitimate president Biden for what he’s doing for them.

Illegitimate president Biden has cancelled the XL Pipeline

The illegitimate president Biden has cancelled the XL Pipeline and will be enacting other government regulations to destroy our energy independence. Anthony Watts who is a senior fellow for environment and climate at The Heartland Institute, says that this is a political decision and has nothing to do with the environment.

The pipeline is deemed by most experts to be safer for the environment than hauling it on railway cars that are prone to accidents that could have devastating effects on the environment, both the land and surrounding areas where the spill occurs. It does however satisfy Illegitimate President Biden’s extreme left wing supporters. The goal is to weaken America’s independence from the middle east oil and boost OPEC’s income. Thereby helping middle east countries, especially the ones that are sworn enemies of America and Israel and devote their lives to our destruction.

Why Does Illegitimate President Biden Support OPEC

Furthermore, the cancellation of the XL Pipeline does nothing to make the environment safer, but puts it at risk even more. It does however allow the Nazi Democrat party to enact more government legislation and control over all sectors of energy, which will only make the cost of energy that much more expensive and a drain on the American economy. Gasoline prices could easily double or triple in the next 2 years. Which would severely hamper the economy by increasing costs of driving back and forth to work, increase manufacturing costs for companies, increase shipping costs for products and it goes on and on.

The illegitimate president Biden also will rejoin the Paris climate accord, which is good for the rest of the world, but once again, severely hampers the American economy. So it’s easy to see where this is going, the illegitimate president Biden and the Nazi democrat party is well on their way to doing a huge amount of damage to the country in a short time.

Iran has already expressed their joy in what the illegitimate president Biden is doing for Iran. Illegitimate president Biden plans on rejoining The Iran nuclear agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). He’s going to remove the sanctions on Iran, thereby allowing Iran to produce nuclear materials which would enable them to finish production of nuclear weapons. Once Iran has the nuclear weapons they will try and fulfill their vow to destroy Israel, and the US.

Nothing Short Of Treason

Why Does Illegitimate President Biden Support OPEC ?  These acts by an American President and Congress is nothing short of Treason. They will do anything to help America’s enemies accomplish their goal of destroying America and Israel. We are living in dangerous times, and it’s only going to get worse. Many sources agree that the only way for America to escape complete and utter devastation, is to regain control over the House and Senate in the midterm elections. That can only happen if the rigged Chinese voting machines are destroyed and replaced with American equipment. Which should have been the case to begin with. What American voter would have ever thought it was a good idea to have China running our voting machines for an American election. It was done by Nazi Democrats in control of those states. It’s like a crooked casino, they install rigged machines so the house gets the result they want. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done to set things straight, and it will take everyone’s effort that wants to be free and not live in a Nazi Democrats socialist system where we will all be slaves for a demonic Nazi Democrat party.


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