Five Important Steps Of Nazi Democrat Party Takeover

The Nazi Democrat Takeover

Every war throughout history has depended on resources and supplies. All of that costs money, and lots of it. The country with the finances to run their military, to buy the guns, ships, planes, trucks, tanks, bombs, missiles, etc, controls their destiny. Then you have to be able to buy the things that make them work, like the ammo, gas, oil, tires and so forth. Whether it’s a physical war with conventional weaponry and machinery, or if it’s a legal war, or a war of propaganda to influence and control the thinking of the nation, it still takes money.

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The Nazi Democrat Party has followed in Hitler’s footsteps, following his evil plan when he gained power in Germany in the years leading up to WWII. As has been explained throughout history following the war, he didn’t take control with military might. He took control with his band of thugs and evil supporters that comprised the Nazi Party. There were several key events that occurred before that could happen. First he had to make people think he was looking out for their best interest, through lies and deceit, which he did through a massive propaganda war unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Most of the German population had no idea of what Hitler was really all about. He talked a good game, and was a great speaker and motivator. He worked people into a euphoric frenzy to the point they were on board for all the false promises he offered them. He did this with the help of his Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels. Hitler understood one thing for certain, if you tell a lie to the people long enough, many will start to believe it. As did the vast majority of the German people. The Nazi democrat Party in the US as well as the main stream media services know that all too well and have used the tactic for decades.

After he gained political power, the public realized the horrible life changing mistake they made by trusting and believing in his promises. They found out they voted in a person who wasn’t all about making their lives and their country a better place. They realized too late that they voted in a mad man, an evil individual that would commit some of the most inhuman and horrific crimes in history. The German people went from free and proud people, to prisoners and slaves to an evil dictator. Simply expressing a view that the Nazi party didn’t allow, would bring about swift and decisive actions that would destroy their lives, from personal attacks to destruction of their homes or businesses to beatings or being put to death. Sometimes the offending German citizen that uttered the words the Nazi Party found offensive, would just simply disappear, never to be heard from again. Hitler accomplished this by several key acts that swiftly moved him into the all powerful dictator role over the German people.

  • Take Over The Schools
  • Abolish The Church
  • Gun Control Was Implemented – An Unarmed Populace Is Easier To Take Over
  • Many politically-suspect and civil servants were dismissed.
  • Cultural And Scientific Cleansing Was Carried Out – Nazis Deemed Everything That Didn’t Serve The Nazi Ambitions, Had To Disappear.

How The Nazi Democrat Party Parallels Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Take Over The Schools

The Nazi Democrat Party started taking over the education system in America as far back as the 60s, at least in a way the average person would notice. Just as Hitler did, the Nazi Democrats started gaining control of the school boards and decided what would and wouldn’t be taught to America’s kids. They knew the schools had more hours in a day to shape the young minds of the kids than the kid’s parents had. Most parents after coming home from work to give their kids what they needed, only had an hour or two with their kids. The schools had 6 or more hours a day depending on after school activities. The Nazi Democrat ran schools began to corrupt the kids minds with the constant propaganda spewed out on their young captive audiences. They began to mentally and physically molest young students, further destroying their innocence This is why so many school kids and college students come out of school so ignorant of the ways of the world, and unable to defend themselves in a political sea of Nazi Sharks ready to devour and destroy them mentally so they are scarred for life.

Abolish The Church

To further assist in taking over the minds and will, Hitler tried to separate the people from God. Hitler wanted the people to worship him, the government instead. He closed the Churches and instead of the children going to Church on Sunday mornings, they went to Hitler youth camps for more propaganda training. The Nazi Democrat Party in America is trying to do the same, but they aren’t as efficient as Hitler was in getting things done. That hasn’t stopped the Nazi democrats from trying though. They have made inroads to the plan of closing Churches. Just in smaller steps. The recent pandemic was a gift to the Nazi Democrats, one they would try and take full advantage of, Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste, they will always find a way to use it against the citizens of the nation. They have tried to close Churches down during the pandemic, since the Nazi Democrat Party has openly stated and admitted, they never let a good crisis go to waste. The Nazi Democrats closed Churches, but allowed strip clubs, massage parlors or any other immoral business to stay open. It’s very apparent to anyone who the Nazi Democrats worship, they worship Satan, although they may not openly admit it, it’s very clear by their actions. They push their Satanic worship by the act of attacking people who worship God, while the Nazi democrats worship Satan and their false religion of Evolution, which there is no scientific evidence to support.

Further proof of their Satanic Nature is their unrelenting desire to sacrifice innocent babies at their false alter of worship. They sacrifice millions of babies at places such as Planned Parenthood clinics, the killing fields of so many innocent defenseless babies. There’s nothing about planning parenthood at these satanic places. They do it under the guise of a woman’s right to choose. No one has the right to choose whether a baby lives or dies. A WOMAN HAD ONLY ONE CHOICE IN THE MATTER, WHETHER SHE WAS GOING TO CREATE A LIFE OR NOT. Once she created the life, she has no more say about the life of an innocent defenseless baby’s life. She can give it up for adoption or keep it, those are the only two choices she has morally. The satanic Nazi Democrat party knows how to manipulate people’s views and persuade them into believing they have the right to take a babies life, to commit murder legally.

If she is truly sorry for what she did, then of course God forgives, but for others who do not know this, they suffer emotionally while the Nazi Democrat party continues to add up their victims by urging more and more unsuspecting female victims, to murder their babies. They start trying to train little girls and boys to accept baby killing in grade school, maybe earlier, they keep pushing the envelope contiinuaously. They do it for the same reason as they do any other of their immoral deeds, they’re farming future voters. They do this for a few more votes down the raod at a later date when the kids are grown and voting.

The Nazi Democrat party has no conscience, and doesn’t value human life. They will sacrifice little babies, children or any adult of any age if it gets in their way of obtaining more votes. And let’s not forget that there’s big money in the act of genocide of the young. Satanic doctors and clinic workers rake in the dough hand over fist for killing babies at the expense of the babies and the mother’s future mental health. It’s no accident the Nazi Democrat politicians and doctors fight so hard to prevent young girls or women from seeing abortion videos before they make the decision to murder their baby. It’s like the old expression of if people had to kill their own food or saw how the sausage was made, they would be vegatariians. That is by no menas a slant towards eating meat, I just used it as an example to get the point across.

Once the young girls or women see the babies ripped apart and thrown on the floor still wriggling around, it makes it clear that’s it’s a human life and not just a clump of cells as the Nazi Democrat barbarians would have you believe. If these young girls and women were to see with their own eyes what a horrific horror show it is, they tend to change their mind and decline to murder their baby. The Nazi Democrat Party will fight on to recruit more would be mothers to do the satanic dirty deed because they need to find more and more support for them or they won’t stay in power.

The Nazi Democrats don’t care about science or proof, they just want what they want and will do whatever it takes to get it. When evidence came out so many years ago about the Nazi democrat type so called scientists doctoring evidence of global warming, they were caught in the act but never slowed down. They just regrouped, rebranded the LIE, and stopped calling it Global Warming and called it by it’s 2.0 name of Climate Change. They don’t care if the people see them lying, cheating or stealing, they just say you didn’t see what you saw and go on with what they were doing. They falsely claim to be the party of science, but they routinely do the opposite of what proven science dictates they should do. They are the party of false claims and doctored evidence.

Control The Media

Just as Hitler did with his Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Democrat party understood how important controlling what the people saw and heard. Controlling the media and all supporting groups along with the social media groups was very important if they wanted to keep the truth from the people. They had to silence the opposition at all costs, they needed to suppress the truth in order to deceive the nation. They adopted the use of censorship and then went wild with silencing opposing opinions. All of the big social media groups were onboard with the censorship, routinely deleting posts or comments from conservatives or anything other than Nazi Democrat views. As time went on it wasn’t just about deleting comments, but whole accounts were suspended or deleted if you were a conservative and tried to express your views.

The Nazi Democrats cannot debate an issue and win on merit or facts, so they have to totally silence opposing views, never let the opposing views be heard in the first place. The vast majority of the Mainstream News outlets followed suit. The news programs ceased to be news outlets, just reporting the facts and letting the viewer decide what to think. The Mainstream News outlets started cherry picking facts, they showed the carefully edited parts to deceive the viewers and omitting the parts that told the whole story, thereby hiding the truth from the viewers. The news outlets stopped reporting the news and began fabricating the news. The largest majority of news you see on TV is purely fabricated propaganda.

Gun Control

Hitler knew an armed populous was a dangerous thing to a government that tried to over reach and gain too much power over control over the people. It started with licensing and gun registration, telling the people it was just so they could keep an eye on bad people that obtained guns. It was just a ploy as was everything else Hitler’s Nazis did to gain control over the people by deception. After a while, they came back and told them the registration was not working as intended, and that too many bad people were still getting guns, so they had to confiscate them.

There are those that claim Hitler didn’t do that and he let the people keep their guns. The truth is that once Hitler and the Nazi Party felt they had purged “enemies of the state” and they had been removed from society, some restrictions could be slightly loosened, but only for Nazi Party members. They never allowed people that weren’t part of the Nazi Party to possess guns. Finally the time had come to launch a decisive blow to the Jewish community, and to opponents of the Nazi party. Now that that portion of society had been rendered defenseless so that property could be redistributed as an entitlement to the German people.

The Nazi democrat party in the US is trying to do the same thing, but on racially divided lines. In their quickly expanding anti-white racist attacks, they are trying to strip whites of power and property under the guise of some sort of restitution. Restitution by people of one color to people of another color, all fraudulently fabricated. The Anti-White movement of the Nazi democrats is going to do nothing but undo all the progress different races have made in getting along and treating one another as God’s children. The Nazi Democrat party has no need for peace and civility, they will let people die to get what they thirst for, complete and total destruction of the US. Satan is the driving force of the Nazi Democrat Party. Just as he was for Hitler and his Nazi Party. History does repeat itself, over and over if people refuse to learn from history.

The Purging Of Civil Servants Of Opposing Political Views

Anyone of differing political views in government offices are routinely eliminated. The Nazi democrat party has no tolerance for anyone that doesn’t submit totally to the Nazi democrat views. It’s a problem that gets worse as time goes on. If they don’t agree with the Nazi Democrats views, they have to keep silent or they will lose their jobs. The Nazi democrat Party will try to destroy their lives, ruin them financially or even worse. People have lost their lives speaking out against the Nazi Democrat Party, and it will only get worse if it isn’t dealt with soon.

Hitler had his Brown Shirts to silence the opposition in Nazi Germany. The Nazi Democrat Party has it’s Brown Shirt equivalent, they have the domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa to go out into the streets of America and silence opposing voices. They Intimidated, Threatened, Assaulted, Beat, and outright murdered people who tried to speak out against the Nazi Democrat Party. They destroyed public and private property. They looted and burned businesses and other structures. They even barricaded officers in a government building and set it on fire to burn them alive. Such atrocities and pure evil acts haven’t been seen since the days of Nazi Germany. Their numbers are growing, and they will be a force to be reckoned with if allowed to get too large.

Cultural Cleansing Was Carried Out

The next step was the cultural cleansing, the Nazi Democrats had to remove anything and anyone that didn’t fit their narrative. They tore down historical statues that were erected by our ancestors just because they didn’t like them. They want to erase history by removing all traces of the past. It’s trying to whitewash history. If they didn’t like what it was, they want to remove it from public view, instead of trying to understand it’s historical value. If it doesn’t please the Nazi Democrat Party then it has to be abolished, removed, and never spoken of again. Just as Hitler did in Nazi Germany, so does the Nazi Democrats in America.

The same way they waged war on God and tried to remove all mention of him in public places, they’re doing to American history now. Nothing is safe in the Nazi Democrats march to power, their drive to destroy America and deliver the nation to her enemies. These are dangerous times we live in, very dangerous. They’ve been rewriting history books, taking out the parts that don’t support their false version of history, and making up their own versions to teach the young minds in schools. All in an attempt to control what all the people think. Total control over every aspect of the citizen’s lives in America, that’s what they’re working towards. Just as Hitler did in Nazi Germany so many years ago.

People never thought an election could be rigged in America. The past election in 2020 was a rude awakening for most Americans. It showed anything can happen if you let your guard down and not pay attention to the signs leading up to the event. Pearl Harbor is one of those times in History, when the mighty got complacent and careless and allowed a terrible event to occur so many years ago. The same kind of complacency among American citizens is taking place today by allowing the Nazi Democrats to take control bit by bit in America. Just as Hitler did so many years ago.

If anyone even talks about the election they’re silenced by social media, you can’t even talk about it. That’s all the proof you need to know that something happened, if they’re too scared to let people talk and voice their concerns over an event. And try and suppress and destroy evidence so it can’t be analyzed to see if anything happened, and if so, what it was. Any honest individual would welcome such scrutiny, but the Nazi Democrats fear it because it will reveal what they have done.

The social media giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others, completely silence opposing opinions. If you don’t speak how they want you to, and to espouse their beliefs then they will censor your comments or delete your accounts. You have to be part of the collective like in one of Hollywood’s perverted Sci-Fi movies. No more free thinkers, just do as the Nazi democrat government and social media outlets tell you to. They want you totally gone so you can’t give people anything to think about. They don’t want you getting the people to stop being like sheep and and to start actually thinking for themselves. Free thought is dangerous in the Nazi Democrat Party’s world, just as it was back in Nazi Germany’s day, and any other Nazi, socialist or communist controlled country where the people are slaves.. They need to keep you in the dark on what’s going on or they will be exposed for what they are. And they can’t have that, it would ruin all their satanic plans for America.


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