Failed Shameful Democrat Coup !

Democrat’s Failed Political Coup

Failed Shameful Democrat Coup !

Failed Shameful Democrat Coup ! Democrats sustained a humiliating defeat when their attempted illegitimate political coup failed. Their attempt to impeach President Trump on what many open minded individuals believe was unsubstantiated rumors and flat out dishonest fabricated evidence, was so embarrassing for the Democrats they will feel the impact for years to come. With the help of the FBI and other security departments, by rogue agents that falsified evidence and information, they tried to undo a legal election of the citizens of this nation. This is third world politics, not politics of the greatest nation in the history of the world. It’s been said many times before that Democrats don’t see things in a normal reality, they refuse to see facts as they are, they are blinded by intense hatred and act accordingly. They put their political whims and personal gain far ahead of the country and it’s citizens.

Democrats Align With Hate Groups

The Democrat party will have yet another unsightly blemish on their record in history. Along with their history of supporting slavery and in fact having KKK members as Democratic Representatives in Congress. They fought tooth and nail to keep the KKK members in office. Only after the oldest KKK member retired did they start to miraculously have a change of heart and say it is wrong. They didn’t admit it “WAS” wrong, just that it is “NOW”, just not when they were so blatantly guilty of it. They will never admit their wrong doings, they will fanatically defend their evil ways to the end, and act like they never happened.

The failed fabricated political coup is just the latest in their long line of disgraceful acts. In the end the Senate doing it’s job, unlike the House which is controlled by Democrats, who swore they would bring down President Trump even before he was inaugurated into office, the Senate rightfully acquitted President Trump from the fraudulent charges of the Democrat controlled House. The long line of immoral and dishonest deeds of the Democrat party is another story in itself for a later time.

Democrat Party Bias

Ever since the 2016 election the Democrats vowed they would impeach President Trump even before he was in office. How’s that for dedicated adversaries? They vowed they would impeach him before he even had time to do something they could claim as impeachable. It was nothing more than a political coup attempt. That tells you all you need to know about how dirty Democrats are and how dangerous they are to this nation if left unchecked. They will stop at nothing to destroy anyone that gets in their way, whether their victims are guilty or not. These are not the people any honest and decent person wants running the country and making decisions that will effect your daily lives and the lives of your children.

Coup Attempt Failed As World Watches Democrats Defeated And Shamed

In the end it all came down to a vote along party lines. The only two Republicans that voted against President Trump were Senators Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine. That figures as Mitt Romney was defeated twice in his run for the Presidency and had hurt feelings especially from being defeated by President trump in his last run. Then he reluctantly went back to President Trump looking for a position in his administration and was turned down.

So it’s no secret why he would want to join the Democrats in their dishonest attempt to get even with President trump for being the victor over him in the presidential campaign, then subsequently embarrassing him by rejecting his services in the administration. Susan Collins isn’t known as a Republican, she’s a Democrat in a Republican seat and has a history of voting with Democrats. So no surprise there since President Trump hit her hard over her being a RHINO ( Republican In Name Only). So basically, in essence, no real Republican voted against President trump in the failed political coup of the Democrats. It was strictly along true party lines.


One may wonder where all the good people have gone. History was full of great people fighting the cause for truth, liberty and justice. The democrat party spends most of it’s time rewriting the history books and slandering and besmudging the integrity of all those great people.The reason they do it is because the beliefs of those great people and what they stood for and all those that followed them, stands in a democrat’s way of achieving what they want in life. Which is the destruction of America as it was historically speaking. History means nothing to them if it interferes with their profits. Democrats will never tell the truth, they have no shame, there is no level too low for them to stoop to. They are aligned with the devil and seem to espouse his wishes every day of their lives. That’s a topic for another day in itself. Don’t be deceived by Democrat lies and deception tactics. Keep well informed and never take what a Democrat says seriously.


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