Antifa.com Redirects To Joebiden.com

Antifa Website Redirects To Joe Biden’s Campaign Website

There’s been a lot of stir about the fact that it’s been revealed that the website of the domestic terrorist group as they have been labeled, Antifa.com, takes visitors directly to Joe Biden’s website, Joebiden.com. It has been doing so on and off for the last few weeks. Given the shady tactics of the DNC and Joe Biden specifically, many feel this isn’t by accident. The domestic terrorist Antifa website is registered under a private name, so there is no way to identify the owners.

The DNC has the resources to find out who owns it if they wanted to, but given their dishonest past no one expects them to, since keeping the ownership a secret helps them get more of the Antifa supporters directly to Joe Biden’s campaign site. By not falsely claiming they have no control over the act, they feel they have plausible deniability. The honest people won’t be fooled though, they see right through the deception of the Nazi Democrat Party. It’s just business as usual for them.

What Does It All Mean Having Antifa.com Redirecting To Joebiden.com ?

Bottom line is nobody can say for sure who’s responsible, so it all depends on which side of the political fence you happen to be on. President Trump supporters and others will see it as another example of how crooked the DNC is, as people on the other side will view it as a coincidence or explain it away some other way. Most people feels it just shows what they knew and feared all along, it could be simply showing how much Joe Biden supports the domestic terrorist group Antifa. As most things in the political realm, only time will tell, you just have to see how things are when the dust settles.

The facts take time to come out, as with the Democrat’s failed political coup against President Trump with the fake Russian spy deal they perpetuated for so long, and thereby wasting millions of dollars on a fraudulent claim that was proven to be a plot by democrats to oust a duly elected President out of office illegally. If the democrats cared about the country and it’s citizens, they would have spent those millions of dollars feeding the poor or some other worthy endeavor, instead of trying to undo an election by the people just to further their own political ambitions.


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