Did Joe Biden Fake A Video With The Press

Is It Biden Or Is It Green Screen

Did Joe Biden fake a video with the press? Many people are asking the big question, was it really Illegitimate President Joe Biden in the video speaking to reporters? Or was it an elaborate hoax by use of a green screen? It was supposedly Joe Biden speaking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday, March 16, 2021, but many people saw what they believe to be a CGI generated video. The story spread rapidly all over the internet and will be around for quite sometime. With the reputation the Nazi democrat Party has from years past, it’s not surprising people would suspect anything like this. The Nazi Democrat Party has used deception and propaganda for so many years no one would be surprised.

Did Joe Biden Fake A Video With The Press

No one here can say one way or the other definitely, so viewers will have to judge for themselves. The following video is provided for our viewers so they can see personally and they can decide. Pay close attention as Joe Biden’s hand passes over or through the microphones.

Totally expected, the Nazi democrat Party and The MSM are going all out to criticize and ridicule any thought of wrong doing by the illegitimate President Biden. They make outlandish remarks and use such negative comments they remind you of kids on the playground. Then again, why not, there’s no journalism in American news media any more, except for a handful of hold outs. If you dare try and speak out against something that’s being done wrong or illegal within the Nazi democrat Party, you automatically get the “Joseph Goebbels” propaganda treatment and a host of other socialist style attacks come your way from the Nazi Democrat News Groups.

Did Joe Biden Fake A Video With The Press? Whether it’s real or fake, it does remind us of one bothersome detail in the world we live in now. The computer graphics have reached a point to where you can never really trust what you see in a video anymore. The times we live in hold extraordinary problems with anything in media today since videos and images can be manipulated to such a precise degree of realism.

In The Wrong Hands

To make matters worse, all of these known capabilities and more are now in the hands of the Nazi democrat Party which just increases the American citizen’s fears from such an evil organization. The Nazi democrat Party is the most dangerous threat to America and it’s citizens that it has ever faced. Just as Germany did in the past when Hitler unleashed such an evil attack on the world, America now faces the same kind of evil. The Nazi democrat Party is gaining so much power and so fast. The world was fooled too easily in the Nazi Germany era, we can only hope the world has learned from that mistake.

If a military like the one the US has, falls into the hands of an evil organization as the Nazi Democrat Party, as it did in Hitler’s day, the world has never seen the death and destruction that will be unleashed in a very short period of time. I pray that the American citizens that voted for the Nazi democrat Party and kept silent as the election was rigged and stolen, like in a third world country, wakes up and understands what they have done. And recognizes it before it’s too late. One more election can seal the deal and America will no longer be the beacon of freedom it has been since it’s birth.

Did Joe Biden Fake A Video With The Press

It’s military and financial might as it stands today, will be in the hands of a party that has no equal in it’s ability and propensity to commit acts so evil it’s hard to envision. The day is coming soon where there will be a point of no return for America and the world as we know it.


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