Portland Mayor Supports Violence

Portland mayor denies his role in violence

The Portland Mayor supports violence , Ted Wheeler, speaking at a news conference denied his role in the violence that has besieged the city of Portland for the last few months. The truth is that he has supported the violence by his policies. He has long embraced and supported the hate groups Antifa and BLM, also labeled domestic terrorist groups by many. They refused to allow law enforcement to deal with the rioters and the terrorists that took control of a large area in the city, and thereby unable to protect US citizens and businesses that were trapped and lived in fear of their lives for so long.

It’s something that most people can’t believe actually happened in the United States of America. It’s just unheard of. The democrat party has been bringing the country to such a low and dangerous level for decades and it’s starting to explode at an alarming rate. It’s dirty democrats like the Portland mayor that breeds all the unlawfulness. It’s sad but true, the Nazi Democrat Party brings corruption at all levels of Government.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Lies At News Conference

Ted wheeler lied at a news conference and blamed President Trump for the events taking place in Portland and has divided the people and that’s why his city is such a dangerous place to be, but gives no examples. Just hollow insults and accusations. Refuses to own up to his bad leadership and desire to push an agenda of the rioters. This is a long used tactic by democrats and one they won’t abandon anytime soon, as they make unfounded accusations and tell flat out lies on their opponents.. Wheeler knows he has supported the terrorist groups Antifa and BLM and has supported their efforts to create chaos in the streets of his city because he thinks it will get him votes, Typical democrat mindset, trading the safety and lives of innocent citizens for a few more votes. They have a hunger and a driven need for power and power is all they live for. They have no concern for the lives of the voters, the voters are just something they use to get what they want. They don’t value life in general, they support the satanic act of sacrificing babies by the thousands and let their cities be run over by violent hate groups, causing great harm and even loss of life in their sacrificed cities for their own personal gain.

If the mayor cared about the citizens he would stop the violence and chaos any way possible. Experts in the law enforcement field all seem to feel that bringing in the national guard to quell the violence would be the most appropriate act. The mayor has refused the President’s offer to do just that because he want’s the violence to continue, as most of the democrat party does, as they feel it will buy them votes come election time. The opposite effect has been taking place, the citizens of Portland are tiring of the deceit and incompetence of their democrat mayor and polls show they don’t support the mayor’s tactics.

Ted Wheeler’s Inaction Leads To deaths In Streets Of Portland

Not only is their violence, looting and destruction of property, including arson, there has been deaths also. At least one supporter of President Trump was killed by the hate groups supporting the democrat party. This is a sad day in America when just because you speak out against democrat views and fascism, you are subject to being murdered. This only happens in third world countries, not America. At least it use to. Time is running out for America to regain peace and stability. These things tend to get out of hand, once you teach a group of individuals they can get away with such conduct, it becomes a part of them. There’s no turning back from that point on. Hoping enough American citizens are smart enough to learn from history, and put down this socialist agenda of the democrats. Before it’s too late.


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