Is Senator Schumer Threatening The Supreme Court?

Senator Schumer stoops to a low level once again going political and trying to attack President Trump while grandstanding on a bill that was passed in the house. Typical for Schumer and other democrats as they can’t help themselves. They have to always take the low road at every turn. At a time when people are passing away or their lives are turned upside down by a natural disaster, democrats in Washington can’t control their need to attack political opponents, even if the attacks are manufactured or totally untrue. Democrats can’t focus on helping people without criticizing or insulting or smearing non democrats. It’s in their genetic makeup apparently, they can’t help themselves.

Senator Schumer Threatens The Supreme Court

In true form for Senator Schumer he also tries to take credit for someone else’s work. He claims he supposedly told President Trump to declare a national emergency and that President Trump did so on his orders. So shameful to make such remarks and attempt at grandstanding and taking credit for other people’s efforts at the public’s expense. Now is a time for people to put politics aside until the nation is out of danger from such a devastating event as the present corona-virus outbreak. The democrats can’t stop the insults or personal attacks long enough to do their job and put the safety of the American people first. No, not in the democrat’s world, they always put their petty partisan attacks above all else and anyone else.

Very recently senator Schumer committed an atrocious act of threatening the Supreme court judges. It seems he was upset and worried the Supreme court would rule against abortion in some way, protecting the innocent lives of unborn babies. And that’s a huge offense to most democrats. They have this issue of their satanic cult activities, which involve the sacrificing of babies at their alter of false religion. Once again he realized the corona virus outbreak wasn’t effecting the very young, and he wanted to correct what appeared as a huge mistake in his and other democrat politicians views. This just resulted in another attempt to squash the country’s faith in a just and fair court.

If the judges are threatened and forced to vote for one side or the other, instead of a constitutional basis, because of fear of retaliation from a political party, then we will no longer have justice. That will effectively destroy the country’s faith in the judicial system and could ultimately force citizens to feel threatened and out of fear take the law into their own hands. If they feel the courts won’t rule in favor of the Constitution, and are pushing agendas for one party or the other, and not preserving and defending the Constitution, then they might feel they have no other course to follow. Senator Schumer has a history of such unethical acts throughout his career, so it isn’t surprising to most.

It would be much better if politicians could just do their job and debate bills on their merits and refrain from the petty childish rants about what they don’t like about the other party on the other side of the aisle, while they’re suppose to be trying to come together and pass a bill that will give relief to the nation. Maybe some day we will reach that point, but sadly it isn’t here yet.

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