RINO Incumbent Republican Pete Ricketts Being Challenged

RINO Incumbent Republican Pete Ricketts Being Challenged

RINO Incumbent Republican Pete Ricketts Being Challenged. Nebraska’s State Central Committee of the Republican Party has officially endorsed Lt. Col. John Glen Weaver as a challenger to incumbent Sen. Pete Ricketts, who is also a former governor of the state. This endorsement comes in the midst of a revolt against incumbents within the party. In 2022, former President Donald Trump referred to Ricketts as a “RINO,” which stands for Republican in Name Only.

The committee’s support extends beyond the Senate race, as they have also endorsed challengers in two congressional races. Dan Frei, running against Rep. Don Bacon, and John Walz, opposing Rep. Adrian Smith, have both received the committee’s endorsement.

RINO Incumbent Republican Pete Ricketts Being Challenged.  Weaver, as a senator, expressed his intention to collaborate with the House Freedom Caucus. In summarizing the committee’s meeting, he emphasized the passion of the people in saving the country and clarified that it was not a gathering of irrational individuals. Ricketts, on the other hand, chose not to seek the party’s endorsement and preferred not to discuss the process. Bacon, in a statement, pointed out that most state parties do not oppose incumbents.

It is important to note that when an elected representative doesn’t impose the will of the people that put them into office, they should be removed immediately. Thereby setting a precedent for future would be politicians that they should never betray their supporters. They should also always defend the Constitution. The National Anthem is a great reminder of how important it is for Americans to defend Freedom.

RINO Incumbent Republican Pete Ricketts Being Challenged.

Additionally, it was mentioned that Pete Ricketts was never elected but rather appointed to Ben Sasse’s previous seat, and he comes from a Never Trump, RINO Establishment family. John Weaver, who supports Trump and the people, is endorsed for voting in Nebraska. The Examiner highlighted that candidates were required to complete a questionnaire, but no incumbent fulfilled this requirement.


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