Why Do Democrats Claim To Be The Party Of Science

Democrats Don’t Know The Definition Of Science

Why do democrats claim to be the party of science when they obviously know the least about it. Democrats can’t comprehend the scientific fact that there are only two sexes, male and female. Either out of ignorance or out of political gain they fight to promote perversion after perversion to change the psychological makeup of society. The more minds they can pollute with their Nazi Democrat Propaganda of all the innocent young children trapped in classrooms in the Nazi Democrat controlled schools, the more mindless zombie voters they will have in the future. Just as Hitler took over the education system in Nazi Germany, the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has taken over the schools in the US.

Horrific Social And Psychological Experiments

They perform horrific social and psychological experiments on innocent children to train them to become good Nazi Democrat Socialist Party supporters. Just as they did in Nazi Germany so many years ago. Thereby dooming the children to lives of servitude for a cause that will not only ruin their young lives, but the country as a whole. They undermine the parents authority to teach their children how they want them taught, to grow up with the parents values, not the super imposed perverted values of the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America.

Democrats Want A Unisex World

The Nazi Democrat Party Of America has a long standing history of perversions and trying to make them socially acceptable. The Democrat Speaker of the house, the wayward Nancy Pelosi, actively promoted a homosexual group that wanted to have sex with little boys, a perverted organization called NAMBLA. She was right out in front of the parade that was celebrating the leader that started the group. The Man-Boy relationship is a very disturbing and problematic problem for American parents with young sons. They want your little boys and they have the support of many Nazi Democrats in the party. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

Never Leave Your Child Alone With A Democrat

It’s always been good advice to be careful about who you let your child associate with. It’s never a good idea to leave them alone unattended around a democrat at any time. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has always promoted sexual perversions and pedophiles and the risk is too great. The Nazi Democrat Party has preyed upon the young, innocent and vulnerable for way too long. It’s a popular opinion that the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America is the worlds largest cult in history. It’s getting more out of control every year.

The Democrat Party destroyed one of America’s long standing institutions for kids, the Boy Scouts Of America. Through their incessant promotion of perversions such as homosexuality, they pushed to allow them into the Boy Scouts as group leaders. Decades later we start hearing the horror stories of young boys being the victims of the predatory homosexual leaders. It’s like having the fox guard the hen house, the perverts had a field day with more boys than they could dream of.

Now you hear of lawsuits and criminal charges against the Democrat predators. They should have worried about that while they were pushing them into the Boy Scouts, knowing full well what atrocities would take place. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America is the main cause of the whole epidemic. This is just one of the many dangers that threaten America directly by the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America.

The Democrats Push For Mixing Girls With The Boy Scouts

To further their cause of promoting immorality in the pursuit of destroying the fabric of society in America, they push for allowing girls in the Boy Scouts. They want girls, and transsexuals, kids that have had fiendish experimental surgeries to change their sex, allowed to mingle with the boys. The satanic evil of the left never ends, it never sleeps. It tirelessly works to destroy American society. It isn’t enough they have a Girl Scouts Of America, they want to push themselves on others, in an attempt to destroy every last decent tradition America has left. If it’s perverted or dishonest, you can bet your last dollar that the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America supports it.

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