Fourth Of July

Fourth Of July

The Fourth Of July is one of America’s most important events and holidays. Over the years the left has attacked it along with other historic events of America and tried to nullify them. The Fourth Of July is about America winning it’s independence from the King of England. It was a great moment in history.

The Fourth Of July aka Independence Day is responsible for the birth of the greatest nation in history. It will never be surpassed even if America ever falls. The world is in a downward spiral towards the NWO, but until that happens, Americans and America’s friends and allies can celebrate the founding of such a power for freedom around the world.

Fourth Of July

What’s left of the free world can celebrate the hope for freedom as long as it lasts. In America it looks like we might have another 1775 moment all over again. We all can hope and pray that it never has to happen. But people soon forget that freedom isn’t free. It has to be fought for and we have to fight to keep it every day. Memorial Day is proof of the high cost of freedom.

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Along with the celebrations will be fireworks. Please be careful and practice safe use of them. Fireworks are a huge component of the Fourth Of July celebration. The democrats fight to minimize the use of them for that very reason. They work to tear down America’s pride in the historic event. They especially don’t want fireworks at great monuments like Mount Rushmore, they don’t want American’s to be inspired by such a visual event.

No matter what the left does, never let them rob you of your heritage and pride. The socialist democrat party hates America and all it stands for. The more they try to suppress your voice, the more determined you should be to prevent it. Have a happy Fourth Of July and stay safe.

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