The Shot Heard Around The World 2020

The Shot Heard Around The World 2020. Tension was high between Great Britain and the American colonies in 1775.  Following the expensive French Indian War King George the third decided to raise taxes on the colonists to make up for his losses. The colonists felt they were carrying the burden unfairly and wanted their own representatives in Parliament, the king refused and as the situation escalated the colonists began stockpiling guns and ammunition in the towns of Lexington and Concord.

The Shot Heard Around The World 2020

When British general Thomas Gage got news of the stash, soldiers were sent to seize the Colonists guns and ammunition and to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock. The Minutemen responded to the threat and assembled on the column green and were ready and waiting when the British arrived. The colonists were severely outnumbered by the British soldiers. At some point in the standoff, a shot was fired. To this day no one knows which side fired first. The result was the British began firing and they killed eight and wounded 10 of the Minutemen. That Shot was the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

The Kyle Connection

The Shot Heard Around The World 2020. History so often repeats itself because too many people refuse to learn from history. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has been trying for years and continues to try to destroy America any way it can. They are trying to get total control of the country by trampling on every Constitutional right they come across. Just as that day in 1775, when the British were coming to collect the colonist’s guns and ammo, the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has been doing the same in America. They try to do away with the 2nd Amendment every chance they get. They even try to circumvent it without actually getting rid of it. If they can’t take them legally they will make it too expensive to own.

They have started to put high taxes on guns and ammo. They are enacting rules and regulations where you have to pass courses and exams and charging so much money that regular citizens can’t afford it. The result is the same, they have attacked the 2nd Amendment and are disarming the poor with all of the King George style taxes, levies and penalties.


Kyle Rittenhouse Was Attacked By A Felon Wielding An Illegal Handgun


Kyle Got In The Way

On August 25, 2020 the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America sent their Hitler style Brown Shirts, the domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa into the streets of Kenosha for another round of riots and terrorism. One 17 year old boy, a young American Patriot, was there with others to defend property from being destroyed by the rioting domestic terrorist democrats in the streets. The democrat’s domestic terrorists from BLM and Antifa got more than they bargained for.

American Patriot, Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked for putting out a dumpster fire which a group of democrat domestic terrorists set on fire and were going to push into a building. Kyle Rittenhouse was chased until there was no where to go, and turned to find one of the terrorists right behind him and lunging for his gun. The assailant was a child rapist and recently set free from prison. Kyle had to shoot to defend himself.

Two other democrat domestic terrorists attacked him, one with a skate board and one with a pistol. Both are deadly weapons in the wrong hands. Kyle had to shoot the skateboard boy when he cowardly attacked him from behind and as a result he got shot too. The third career felon had a handgun which he unlawfully had since he was a felon, and pointed the gun at Kyle’s head and Kyle Rittenhouse disarmed him with a shot in the arm.

The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America suffered a humiliating defeat in view of the world and was at risk of losing the control they’ve worked so hard to get over the people with acts of terrorism, that they mobilized and forced corrupted prosecutors to file charges against Kyle Rittenhouse even when they knew he was innocent.

This was a political act, it would be a politically motivated trial. It was all about the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America machine squashing an uprising of the American Patriots and the democrats were scared. A 17 year old boy, American Patriot had taken the democrat’s domestic terrorist”s best shot and won. Kyle Rittenhouse unknowingly gave America a much needed victory against the tyranny of the democrat party.


The Minutemen Line 1775

The Second Shot heard around the world

Whether Kyle Rittenhouse knew it or not, he just may have fired the second shot heard around the world. It’s given a spark and new hope to the weary American citizenry. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America had suffered their biggest defeat to date. America will rise and take back their country from the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America, and will be free once again.


* As always, never buy anything made in china.
* Don’t ever trust a democrat and NEVER leave your child alone with one.


Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !





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