Kyle Rittenhouse Is An American Patriot

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse is an American Patriot. He was a boy by age doing the job of grown men. He was defending the streets of an American town from the Nazi style Brown Shirt domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa, as they were laying waste to the town. There has been such a surge of violence from the left in this country to the point it’s not safe to walk down the street. The gender confused perverted democrats are liable to show up anyplace at anytime. It’s hard to know where they will strike next.

The fact that the Nazi democrat leadership protected the Brown Shirt terrorist groups BLM and Antifa shows you there is no law and order these days. The ruling party has control over all facets of government and the judicial system, making the times we live in very dangerous, such as it was back in 1775. Times change but evil people will always seek to control others, as the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has been trying to do in America for the last few decades. Back then it was King George, today it’s the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America. Same evil intentions, just different centuries and players.

America is at a crossroads, time will tell what path we will take. If something isn’t done to turn the tide, it might be too late for America to regain it’s independence. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America is the biggest threat to America in it’s entire history. They have done more damage than all foreign armies or terrorists could ever hope to do.

This is just one case out of so many, who knows how many times this has played out across America. Evil never sleeps, so that means the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America never sleeps. They are relentless in their drive to destroy America. Every thing they do is geared to do just that. All of the huge political decisions made by the Illegitimate President Joe Biden administration do so much damage they can’t be by accident. it’s all in the plan. They control every aspect of government and the judicial system.

The arrest should never have been made and the case never should have been pursued. There was video evidence of the riots in the streets before the arrest. They showed Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in defense while being pursued by a mob and at least three overly aggressive attackers. One video showed Kyle Rittenhouse running away trying to avoid confrontation and just as the attacker was close enough to grab him, Kyle Rittenhouse turned and fired in self defense at the last moment.

Another video showed Kyle Rittenhouse walking down the road, away from the mob, and a cowardly Democrat Brown Shirt attacked him from behind striking him in the head with a skate board knocking Kyle Rittenhouse to the ground. That’s when Kyle Rittenhouse turned and fired, once again in self defense, after being struck from behind with a deadly weapon.

The third attacker openly admitted he pulled a gun and pointed it at Kyle Rittenhouse before being shot in the arm, once again in self defense. The corrupt prosecution knew all this before they filed charges to harass an American citizen, just because he stood in the way of the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America and their bid to take over America.This is just one small incident in a huge war that is raging on in America today. Kyle Rittenhouse should be given a medal for his bravery and risk of life in defending his country from domestic terrorist groups. Like the military is suppose to do, to protect America from all threats, whether foreign or domestic.

We can only hope there are people outside the courthouse, giving moral support to an American hero. Just like the Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America does for their domestic terrorist members that get arrested in commission of crimes such as looting, vandalism, arson, attempted murder, murder or child molestation, then vice president kamala harris and their cohorts bail them out and send them right back out on the streets to do their dirty work. America needs to support Kyle Rittenhouse and others that risk their lives to protect democracy on American soil.

Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !


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