What Is Memorial Day

Memorial Day

What Is Memorial Day. How many of us have sung the Star Spangled Banner and really understood what the words were about? How many have just forgot the meaning of the words? We all use to know the words, as we were taught it in school, along with the Pledge Of Allegiance, Patriotism, The Constitution of the United States and other things that aren’t taught anymore. Schools were taken over by The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America decades ago. Way too many young adults and school kids have no idea what our National Anthem is all about. The Democrat Socialist view is taught to our kids, and they don’t feel it should be listened to anymore. They’d rather promote another country’s anthem or history be taught to our kids. It’s time for a rebirth of American pride and resurgence of honor and duty in America.

What Is Memorial Day

Memorial day is the day America sets aside to honor and mourn the lives of Americans who gave their lives in defending our freedom. These brave soldiers gave their lives so others might live and live in peace. All the freedoms we have left today, which are few since the The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America waged war on America from within, but what we have left and all the freedoms of past years, were because of the sacrifices our military personnel made. It was once said by one of the Apostles that giving ones life for others was a sign of great love for your family and fellow man.


John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.


We were blessed to have fellow Americans with a sense of valor in the line of duty to defend our once great home. Today it’s just a remnant of what it once was. It’s been destroyed from within by the Democrat Party and their foreign allies. Hopefully we will refrain the greatness in this land to the level it was in the beginning. For now we should try and keep as many of our American traditions alive even though the Democrat Party tries to replace American traditions with ones of foreign lands.

I’m sure many of you reading this has had loved ones in the service, some of which never came home. Their lives and acts of bravery defending you and the rest of our nation should never be forgotten and we all should keep on with the tradition of reflecting on those sacrifices that were made on our behalf. The Democrat Party has little use for the flag, but it isn’t just a piece of cloth. It’s not the fabric it’s made of that is of importance, as it physically can’t protect us from anything. It’s what it represents. It’s what it represents to us and more importantly what it represents to America’s enemies that wish to do us harm.

The enemies of America know full well that that American flag waving on every Navy vessel, every military outpost, anywhere they see it flying, it’s a deterrent that prevents them from wanting to test the resolve of America’s military. Without that proud history of the American military and all the years that flag has been flying, they would be emboldened in a huge way. Americans need to start teaching our children about our proud heritage, and not depend on the Socialist Democrat teachers who make up the vast majority of teachers in America’s schools. They teach our children to be ashamed of our great heritage and want them to share others heritages as their own.

The next time you hear the National Anthem being played or sung, take time out to explain what the song is about and what it stands for. The video below is an outstanding video, please take the time to view it at least once. I’m sure you will be glad you did. It’s time for America to wake up from it’s long sleep. We’re all in this together and if we all work and pull together America will find it’s way back on the path of righteousness as it was in the beginning and throughout it’s long and great history.



Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !



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