Is Illegitimate President Joe Biden Trying To Be Dictator

Why Is Illegitimate president avoiding congress to pass laws

Is Illegitimate President Joe Biden trying to be Dictator ? Biden told George Stephanopoulos, former White House Communications director in an interview, that if you lead by executive order you’re a dictator. Being a dictator is what every Nazi Democrat dreams about. So staying true to a Nazi Democrat’s nature, that being one of total hypocrisy, the first thing Illegitimate President Joe Biden does was to sign in the neighborhood of 30 something executive orders off the bat, with no conference with congress of which the Nazi Democrats have a majority.

Is Illegitimate President Joe Biden Trying To Be Dictator

It’s cowardice as usual with the Nazi democrats, they don’t want to have to go on record for supporting laws that are so unpopular with the majority of Americans. It’s all about hiding and doing your dirty work from the shadows like any cowardly dishonest immoral Nazi Democrat would do.

Nazi Democrats equality bill is discriminatory in nature

The Nazi democrat Party pushes on with it’s perversion of America’s children. They are attacking adoption centers in a way to prevent moral American’s from participating in the process. The equality act is anything but being about equality, but yet another discriminatory act to discriminate against Christians and the majority of the nation’s moral beliefs. The same beliefs that the nation was founded upon, and made America great for centuries. The attack of the Church and the American family and their values has been under assault by the satanic Nazi Democrat Party for decades.


Joe Biden Touches And Sniffs Little Girls


The Nazi Democrat Party is on a mission to corrupt every little child in the nation along with any weak minded adults that they can in order to turn America in to the Pervert capitol of the world. The list of perversions of the Nazi Democrat Party is long. The damage they are doing is tremendous and too many Americans are asleep at the wheel. If Americans had been vigilant, this would never have happened.

They are trying to pass a law that would further their mission of perverting the nation bit by bit. If you have a foster or adoption program and you believe children should be raised by a mother and a father, that adoption center won’t exist any longer, you’re adoption service will no longer be allowed to exist. The Nazi democrat Party wants to eliminate Christian’s and other moral Americans from having any say in how the children of America are raised and who raises them. The Nazi Democrats are all about ethnic cleansing as their mentor, Adolph Hitler taught them from the past.

Hitler Is The Nazi Democrat’s Hero

The satanic Nazi Democrat Party has waged war on America for decades. They fought to drive any mention of God out of the public arena, out of businesses, out of schools and as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve been trying to take over houses of worship and telling what a pastor can and cannot teach from the pulpit. Pastors have already been arrested for speaking out against the Nazi Party Government’s mandate of what they can and cannot teach their congregation. The Nazi democrat Party wants to tell Christians how they should live their lives. The Nazi democrat party wants the people to worship the government and they want to prevent God’s word from being heard. After all all, the Nazi democrat Party is the party of satan. It’s obvious by their words, deeds and teachings. Another famous Nazi by the name of Hitler did the very same things.

The Nazi democrat Party wants you to worship them, the government, just as Hitler, the most famous Nazi of all time did during the time leading up to and during WWII. The world hasn’t learned it’s lesson from that time. Those that refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Hitler’s legacy lives on in America through the Nazi Democrat Party. They are doing the exact same things as Hitler did to take control of a nation.


Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !




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