Why Does Joe Biden Promote Child Sacrifices

Joe Biden Promotes Child sacrifices Around The world

Why Does Joe Biden Promote Child Sacrifices. Typical of the Nazi Democrat Party, Illegitimate President Joe Biden signs a bill through executive order, not even discussing it with congress before deciding to undo what is known as the Mexico City Policy. In so doing it will fund abortions, child sacrifices around the globe. If other countries want to murder poor defenseless babies, they need to do it with their own money, not American taxpayers money. Most Americans feel other countries shouldn’t be committing child sacrifices in America’s name.

The Mexico City Policy was first enacted by one of out greatest President’s in history, President Ronald Reagan. He tried to make sure that American taxpayers wouldn’t be funding abortions ( Child Sacrifices ), either directly or indirectly in other countries. To shed some light on the stark differences of morality between Republicans and Democrats, the policy has been undone through executive order by every subsequent Democratic administration and reinstated by each Republican one.

President Trump Expanded The Policy

During the Trump administrations time in office, President Trump expanded the policy by not limiting it to just family planning funds which was distributed by the State Department along with the United States Agency for International development, but it would go further to include foreign health assistance which was provided by government agencies which included the Defense department.

Advocates for abortion and other interest groups didn’t like the policy which was not surprising. One of the largest providers for the taking of a child’s life, planned parenthood strongly opposed it. During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Illegitimate President Joe Biden promised if he were elected his administration would undo the bill and once again allow U.S. aid money to fund the satanic act of abortions or child killing, around the world.

Majority Of Americans Are Opposed To Funding Abortions Globally

The fact is that most Americans are opposed to funding abortions on such a large scale. The vast majority of Republicans oppose it along with a slight majority of Democrats as well. That makes you wonder why Illegitimate President Biden would even consider doing it when the majority of his own party is against it. That tells you how little control he has over the party and he is being driven by the far left of the party.

Why Does Joe Biden Promote Child Sacrifices

Republican senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska said “These pro-abortion executive orders from President Biden shock the conscience. Our government shouldn’t be funding abortions at home, let alone overseas. Unity is important at times like these, but waging a culture war is only going to deepen divides and hurt innocent victims. Human dignity matters — President Biden should rethink this move.”

And Senator Steve Daines Republican from Montana, which is responsible for the founding of and chairs the Senate Pro-Life Caucus, also said in a statement that Biden’s pro-abortion orders show “a complete lack of respect for the sanctity of human life.”

“These actions will enrich Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry at the taxpayers’ expense, while endangering the most vulnerable,”

Senator Daines also said “The United States should not be promoting a radical abortion agenda throughout the world, we should be leading the fight to protect the unborn and all life.”

Accomplices To Murder

Again, so many people askt the question, Why Does Joe Biden Promote Child Sacrifices ? It’s sad to think how many babies are murdered in the name of health care, or a woman’s so called right to choose. Neither of those justifies murder. Many believe it’s not America’s role to promote and fund child sacrifices around the world, but it should be the opposite. America has historically fought for freedom, human rights and protecting the weaker nations from domination or annihilation by larger nations who only care about what they can take from others. This includes protecting a child from harm or being killed by satanic individuals.

They’re helpless and can do nothing to protect themselves, it’s a man’s duty to protect them and far too many so called men are sitting by and watching it happen. If they vote for politicians in the Nazi democrat Party they are accomplices in the murder.

Never could understand how anyone could live with themselves after committing or supporting this. Do not watch unless you’re a Nazi Democrat that supports the satanic act of child sacrifice aka abortion.


Why Does Joe Biden Support Child Sacrifices

Why Does Joe Biden Promote Child Sacrifices

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