Is The Nazi democrat party Out Of Control

Is the Nazi democrat party stepping up the purge of all Americans that don’t support the Nazi democrat Party of America?

Many Americans today are asking themselves the question, ” Is The Nazi democrat party Out Of Control ? ” The Nazi democrat party has taken extreme measures in silencing the opposition and trying to stop any dissent from real Americans. They even went as far as staging a riot in Washington D.C. and blamed it on President Trump supporters. The details of BLM and Antifa leaders leading the way and inciting the riots came out after some time evidenced by photos and videos of the domestic terrorist groups in the act. The Nazi democrat Party orchestrated the whole event and in tandem with the main stream media immediately spreading the fake news and false accusations about it being Trump supporters. The same tactic was used by their mentor, Adolph Hitler during his rise to power in Nazi Germany before and during the years of WW ll.

Using A Tragic Event To Terrorize A Nation

The Nazis used the murder of a low-level German diplomat in Paris by a 17-year-old Polish Jew as an excuse to carry out the Kristallnacht attacks. Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels ordered German storm troopers to carry out violent riots disguised as ‚Äúspontaneous demonstrations‚ÄĚ against Jewish citizens. Local police and fire departments were told not to interfere.

In America, the Nazi Democrat Party used their version of Hitler’s brown shirts, the domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa to riot in the streets and carry out violent attacks on US citizens that tried to speak out against the Nazi democrat Party. And just as Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels told police to stand down and not interfere, so did the Nazi Democrat Party of America when officials told law enforcement to stand down and not stop the rioters. History just repeated it’s self and replayed a horrible time in history, only this time it was on American soil.

It wasn’t Hitler’s Nazi Party that was guilty this time, it was our very own Nazi Democrat Party of America that committed the heinous acts of violence. It was all about silencing anyone that had another view than their own. The Nazi Democrat party sent the domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa, their version of Hitler’s brown shirts, out into the streets to terrorize the public through acts of intimidation, threats, assaults, beatings and also flat out shooting to death of a Trump supporter. They had no fear of reprisal because the Nazi Democrat Party leaders were behind them all the way. Just as it happened in Nazi Germany so many years ago.

The cowardly Nazi Democrat Party brown shirts barricaded officers in a station and set it on fire, to burn them alive. We haven’t seen such horrific acts of inhumane violence since Hitler’s Nazi Party during WWII.

Harris And Other Democrats funded The Violent Riots

Kamala Harris and other Nazi Democrat Party members funded the violent riots by bailing out the violent criminals as soon as they were arrested and sent them back out into the streets to continue persecuting innocent Americans all across America. The Nazi Democrat Party of America has the blood of innocent Americans on their hands.

Is The Nazi democrat party Out Of Control

The Nazi Democrat Party and the main stream media never said a word as the real fascists were burning down much of the country in the streets all summer long while being funded by the democrats. The media always gave the Nazi Democrat Party brown shirt domestic terrorist groups cover and distracted the American viewers by carefully editing video clips or totally ignoring serious violent events committed by the left.

Cleansing The Military Of Conservatives

The fascist regime of the Nazi Democrat Party is getting to be pretty advanced and entrenched in America. It couldn’t be more serious than it already is. After the Nazi democrats led a violent riot in D.C. that they falsely blamed on Trump supporters, they immediately used the event for another attack on non Nazis. They had the military stand down while they did thorough interviews and investigations to see if there were any conservatives in the military. They want to purge all ranks of government and the military of all conservatives. That way it will make their job of taking over control of the nation and enslaving the population under a socialist regime.


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