Why Did Biden Permit The Russian Pipeline

Russian Pipeline Gets Biden’s Support

Why did President Biden permit the Russian Pipeline ? After illegitimate President Biden closed down the keystone pipeline in America that would continue making America independent of foreign oil, he then turns around and aids Russia by clearing the way for the Russian pipeline to be continued. He undoes President Trump’s great work by destroying America’s ability to be energy independent and then gives Russia a hand in obtaining more power and control of Europe and the world. The world runs on oil – ENERGY. Until such time as industry has advanced to produce a better energy source, we rely on oil for everything we do in the world. This isn’t the first time Illegitimate President Joe Biden attacked America’s energy independence.

Why did President Biden permit the Russian pipeline

We need oil to make gas and fuel for transportation – cars, buses, airplanes and jets. Even household goods are all made wholly or in part with petroleum byproducts. Appliances, autos, bikes, food containers like soda bottles and milk jugs. Even many pharmaceutical medicines and medical supplies are produced with petroleum byproducts. So why would our illegitimate President, Joe Biden, side with Russia over the United States. An American President should always be for Americans first, just as any leader should be for their own people. Not so with illegitimate President Biden, he’s helping Russia obtain their goal to increase their power and world influence by backing the Russian Pipeline and at the same time, canning the American Keystone XL Pipeline.

On one hand he makes it possible for Russia to increase their financial gains to build more military weapons to use on Americans in the future. On the other hand he decreases America’s ability to keep our economy strong by not being reliant on middle east oil, saving billions of dollars a year spent on fuel that we could produce ourselves. One has to wonder who’s side Illegitimate President Biden is on.

The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has been trying to destroy America’s military and industrial might, so as to weaken America and put it’s citizens at risk by other power hungry countries. They go out of their way to destroy our ability to create jobs to feed our families, buy medicine, buy a home, and anything else needed to live a half way decent life. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America always supports foreigners and puts foreigners first over American citizens.

One prime example is how they treated our National Guardsmen during the inauguration day hoax, where they had The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America’s equivalent of Hitler’s brown shirts, the domestic terrorist groups Antifa and BLM lead a riot at the capital. They then tried to blame it all on Americans. It’s an old ploy used by socialist parties for centuries. They called the National Guard to be used for their political ploys, then didn’t care enough about them to see that they had a place to sleep or food to eat. The National Guardsmen slept on the floor and the ground while The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America party members stepped over their bodies on their way to their private meetings to discuss their socialist agenda for America.

To further demonstrate the disdain The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has for America, they allow Illegal aliens crossing the border, bringing diseases like the Wuhan virus aka Covid 19, and any other number of diseases with them that could effect the health of the American population. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America sees that those illegal aliens get everything they want, free housing, free food, free college free everything, but they spit on American citizens like they did on the National Guardsmen they treated like vermin at the capitol. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America wants to create an America that most Americans will be unable to live with. The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America has lit a fuse that will possibly ignite a civil war once again in America. It will be between all free Americans that believe in America and the Constitution it was built on, for all people, against members of The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America and their traitorous supporters that want to enslave America and all it’s citizens, to a life of servitude to a socialist regime.

The decision to side with Russia over Americans by The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America that even some democrats are criticizing the move. That says it all.


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