Will Joe Biden Be America’s First Pedophile President ?

Joe Biden Can’t Hide His Shame Any Longer !

The 2020 Presidential Election will have what most people feel is the first possible pedophile candidate running for President of the United States. Joe Biden has been accused by numerous women and young girls of inappropriate and disturbing conduct with them at different events and places. The list grows longer as time goes on. The choice of candidates couldn’t be simpler for most people, although the majority of left leaning media tries to whitewash the democrat’s dirty deeds or sweep them under the rug and then try and spin something totally different out of the facts.

They feel confident in doing so as voters that typically vote Democrat are easy to swindle. The Democrat party has been using uninformed voters for decades, and it looks like they will continue to do so until Democrat voters get more educated. The left isn’t known for too many free thinkers in their group. They do what ever they’re told and believe whatever they read as long as it hides the dirty deeds of corrupt Democrats running for office. Some would go as far as to say the average Democrat voter will be ok with women being abused or sexually harassed, or children being emotionally abused by disgusting acts of inappropriate touching and hugging and verbal expressions as long as it’s done by Democrats. Democrats have long had a double standard, one for themselves and another for everybody else.

Joe Biden Shows A Troubling Propensity Towards Kids

The now famous video of Biden making a speech surrounded by young black kids is all too familiar. It includes perverted talk of children rubbing his legs and playing with his hairy legs and having children jump on his lap, and how much he enjoys having other people’s kids jumping on his lap. Then he went further off the rails and started talking about how he learned about roaches from kids on his lap, nobody really knows what he meant by it or what was going through his mind. Half the time Joe Biden doesn’t even remember what’s on his mind, or what he said, or when he said it. It was very disturbing to say the least to most parents listening.

If that wasn’t bad enough he started telling the kids about a gang member threatening to do him bodily harm. Exposing the kids to such topics as most parents would rather their children not have to hear. Some are wondering if the fact they were black children made it ok in his mind to expose them to such filth. Racism is another seedy side of Joe Biden’s political and personal history as well, that’s another story in itself. He even went into details about how to make a dirty razor so it would do more harm to their victims. Not something an honorable or decent man would ever teach little children, especially any man with kids of their own. Then again, Joe Biden’s history doesn’t paint the portrait of a moral or honest individual. It is littered and tainted with dirty business dealings and abuse of power of a political office among other things.

List Of Joe Biden’s Female Victims

The following is Just a quick list, a partial list of women coming forward and revealing the real Joe Biden.

  • Alexandra Tara Reade
  • Ally Coll
  • Amy Lappos
  • Caitlyn Caruso
  • D.J. Hill
  • Lucy Flores
  • Sofie Karasek
  • Vail Kohnert-Yount

It’s clear the double standard that Democrats enjoy for themselves is alive and well. The democrat party will fabricate lies and accusations about anyone that doesn’t support their ideas. Look at how they make things up as they go along in the failed democrat coup against the President Of The United States. From the night he was elected they started saying they were going to impeach the duly elected President because they didn’t like him or want him in office. They had no grounds for even thinking such a traitorous plan but they did from the word go. Look at how they pretended to be defending women’s rights and the suspicious ” me too ” movement. It was a movement to try and eliminate people of opposing views. They tried to railroad Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh , making up things as they went along, no facts necessary as long as it suited their needs.

Now that their own presidential candidate is accused of such disgusting acts, they don’t want to hear a thing from women. All the women now are miraculously liars or confused in some way, they don’t want to hear anything the women have to say, now they don’t believe them just because they’re women. Typical of the democrat propaganda machine. Rules, regulations and morals are for other people, not a Democrat. It’s a sad commentary for this great nation if they are allowed to continue to destroy the moral fabric of society unchallenged by it’s citizens.. At some point the damage will be so severe it will be too late to turn back.

Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !



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