Coca-Cola Wants Fewer White Lawyers

Coca-Cola Continues It’s Racist Attack On Being White

Coca-Cola Wants Fewer White Lawyers. Coca-Cola has stepped up their racist attack on being white. In their ongoing war against being white they’ve instituted new guidelines for lawyers of legal firms that will handle their legal problems. They’ve labeled them diversity guidelines for legal firms outside the company. They can’t hide their true meaning though, no matter what hey do they can’t hide the fact they are promoting racism.

It seems 30 percent of the bill time has to be provided from lawyers than are non white. To complicate it worse, 50 percent of the 30 percent of non white attorneys must be African American. It seems if you’re white you have a target on your back for racist corporations to go after. They use racist terms such as “People Of Color” as if white people had no color, so they’re not included in their little group. You have to be anything but white in Coca-Cola’s view to be treated with respect. If you’re white then you’re guilty of something whether you did something or not, all because of the color of your skin. If you make any decision or base your opinion on anyone because of the color of their skin, that’s the pure definition of racism.

Coca-Cola Wants Fewer White Lawyers

To confuse matters more for intelligent non racist people, they’re attacking Whites for the color of their skin at the same time their saying Whites have no color, according to the racist phrase “ People Of Color “. It’s time for people to step up against ignorant racist attitudes from the Nazi Democrat Party along with their racist propaganda news outlets and the racist corporations that practice and promote such ignorant racist acts such as Coca – Cola’s racist war on being white in America.

You Shouldn’t Base Hiring Goals On Skin Color

In an interview with “ The Daily Wire “, civil rights attorney Hans Bader said that targets in affirmative action programs should not be tied to the general population but to the qualified labor pool and described the Coca-Cola’s new guidelines as “illegal.”

Coca-Cola Doubling Down On Stupid Racist Ideas

It seems Coca-Cola will also be establishing a panel of preferred legal firms, kind of an enemies list in reverse. I’m sure America remembers about enemies lists, such as we had during the Obama years, that’s how Nazi democrats work. Noting that under Coca – Cola’s new racist guidelines legal firms will have to meet the new anti white guidelines, and if they don’t meet those racist guidelines, it will prevent them from being considered for providing legal services for the company.

It remains to be seen how much the racist campaign of Coca – Cola will hurt the company financially, as it seems there’s quite a bit of backlash towards the company after their ignorant racist attacks on being white in America. There’s always been a lot of people that didn’t care for their products all along, there will be a lot more after today. And if they continue their ignorant racist attacks on white people for being white, there will be a whole lot less of their product flying off the shelves at local stores.

They’re product might be flying off the shelves, but it will be for a different reason. It will be removed from the shelves because the expiration date has passed for their products. No normal person who isn’t an ignorant racist would want to financially support a company that commits such ignorant racist acts with their hard earned money. There’s plenty of other reputable and decent companies around that can fill a consumers needs. Including much healthier products.


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