11 Iranians Caught Crossing US Border Illegally

Why Does Illegitimate President Biden make It So Easy For ISIS To Cross Southern Border

11 Iranians Caught Crossing US Border Illegally on Monday, in the first week of March, 2021, proves illegitimate President Biden either is incompetent or intentionally is setting America up for an attack from ISIS or other terrorist groups. Every action taken by the Illegitimate Biden Presidency puts America at risk. They’ve gone all out on their push to welcome anyone who wishes to cross the US southern border and goes out of their way to make it easy for them.

Hypocrisy Of The New Nazi Democrat Party

The Nazi Democrat Party is always quick to fabricate stories about how the Republican Party is doing something wrong concerning the Wuhan Chinese Virus ( Covid 19 ) and how they were putting US citizen’s health at risk. They lie and fabricate stories to prove their point. As usual, the left shows their hypocrisy by doing the very same things they falsely accuse Republicans of doing, and then some. You can pick one example from hundreds, we all have seen examples on the news of their hypocrisy in action. One glaring example, the governor of California issues a lock down order for the state, then goes out with family and friends and eats out at a restaurant, and no one was even wearing a mask or keeping the social distance they keep ranting about. They can enjoy time out with their family and friends, but the citizens, or as the Nazi Democrat views them “peons”, they can’t enjoy time with their family and friends. No, the peons, or the Democrat voters have to stay at home and waste their lives sitting around doing nothing, while the Nazi Democrat Party leaders go out and do as they wish.

In the Nazi Democrat’s world, you should do as they say, not as they do. The Nazi Democrat Party feels they are above the rules and regulations put forth for the peons of the nation. They look down on the voters as a sub class of the nation, someone to be dictated to, and used to further their agendas. How much longer will the Democrat voters keep acting like zombies and just doing the bidding of the Nazi Democrat party? No one can say for sure, but you’d think there would be enough brain cells even in a Democrat’s brain to finally get wise to how the Nazi democrat Party is using them.

11 Iranians Caught Crossing US Border Illegally

Along with the Nazi democrat Party’s hate and disgust for America, they continually find ways to cause great harm to the nation. It’s fitting since most of the people who make up Illegitimate President Biden’s administration all have strong connections to China and the CCP. China is basically in control of the puppet administration in the white house. Illegitimate President Biden and his handlers keep putting America at risk more and more everyday. If anyone from the outside looking in was making a determination of the reason, it would look like Illegitimate President Biden is intentionally doing what he can to bring America down. He along with his son and others have made millions with the CCP, so no reason to think he isn’t going to continue helping China cause more harm to America.


Illegitimate President Biden Is china's Puppet

Beijing Biden, head of the Biden crime family, as he is commonly known as, is continuing his attack on the US Constitution and the freedoms that America has enjoyed since it’s birth. They are weakening America day by day, as every day 1,000s of illegal immigrants cross the southern border and weakening the real American majority. Every illegal immigrant crossing the border is just another Nazi democrat vote. The Nazi Democrats full scale assault began back in the Obama administration, where he swore to forever ” Fundamentally Change The United States Of America “, and he did all he could to destroy it.

Now Illegitimate President Biden is picking up where Obama left off. He is actively inviting ISIS and other terrorists to cross the border by announcing he will stop the border wall construction and halt efforts to capture and deport all illegal criminals crossing the border. As of the first week in March. 2021, 11 more illegal immigrants from Iran was caught on American soil. Iran has been one of the biggest haters of America and killed many Americans and has vowed to kill millions more and destroying America and Israel. Illegitimate President Biden doesn’t seem to care about Americans or the Iranians acts and threats against America and all the families living here.

Wuhan Virus aka Covid 19 Or Possible Biological Or Dirty Bombs

Illegitimate President Biden seems to be in his senile world living out a life of a game show host of the Price Is Right. Only it’s not Bob barker saying ” Come On Down” to American contestants, but it’s Illegitimate President Biden saying “Come On In” to America’s enemies. All are welcome, people carrying diseases, the Wuhan Chinese virus (Covid 19) or even terrorists with who knows what to do untold damage to American citizens. Whether it’s more cases of the Wuhan Virus or some biological weapon or even a nuclear dirty bomb, foreigners crossing the southern border can come from anywhere in the world and bring untold danger to American citizens. The duty of the government is to do what ever it takes to protect American citizens, and to take illegal border crossing seriously.


Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !



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