Coca-Cola Supports racism  
with Anti-White Training Video.

Coca-Cola Tells White Employees To Be Less White

Coca-Cola Supports Racism. Anti-White racism was supported in a very disturbing way by a major corporation recently, as Coca-Cola forced it’s white employees to take an online course which instructs whites to try and be less white. The Nazi democrat Party along with big tech and large corporations have crossed the line so dramatically in recent years. They totally promote discrimination and racism against whites at will. They have no conscience at the moment, as the left just hates for hate’s sake. If they don’t have a valid reason to hate you for some reason, they will justify their bigotry and racism with made up reasons they create on the fly. According to Coca-Cola and other big corporations and big tech that support the Nazi Democrat Party.

Coca-Cola And The Nazi Democrat Party Believes To be less white is to be :

  • Less oppressive
  • Less arrogant
  • Less certain
  • Less offensive
  • Less ignorant
  • More humble
  • Listen
  • Believe
  • Break with apathy
  • Break with white solidarity

Coca-Cola Supports racism

As long as Coca-Cola Supports racism, they should be boycotted to preserve America’s heritage, which denounces racism of any kind. Coca-Cola promoted a training course that simply stated being white is a problem. They’ve already had a huge backlash against their products, and it will probably get a whole lot worse for their business in the coming months. And rightfully so, any business that openly and blatantly says you’re a problem because of your skin color, doesn’t deserve to be in business. Hopefully it will be one of the things that opens peoples eyes to what is happening in America in recent years.

The Nazi Democrat Party has inflicted so much harm on society by pitting American against American, by the color of their skin, or their religion, or their financial status. The Nazi Democrat Party uses the old plan of attack of divide and conquer. They get people to hate one another and while all the confrontations between different groups goes on, they don’t even notice the Nazi Democrat Party is gaining more control over the country leading it down the destructive path of socialism.

After a year or more of the Nazi Democrats sending their domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa into the streets of America to silence the opposing opinions of the citizens of this country, they left such a wide path of destruction all across America. Hitler had his Brown Shirts to go out and do the same thing, all the intimidation, violence and destruction of property cleared the way for Hitler and the German Nazi Party to finally gain total control of the country.

Hitler's Nazi Party

The same plan of attack has been adopted by the Nazi Democrat Party in America. Their version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts, the domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa took to the streets of America and committed terrorist acts such as intimidation, threats, assaults, beatings, murder and destruction of personal and public property, all in the name of silencing American citizens that were trying to express their opinions about how they didn’t like the socialist agenda the Nazi Democrat Party was pushing on Americans.

The media as well as big tech and large corporations have been staunch allies of the Nazi Democrats agenda. Coca-Cola is just one of many companies that are guilty of promoting racist agendas against whites in America. They feel it’s open season on white people, and they take every opportunity to try and destroy the white culture at the expense of other races. There should be no preferred race in America, White over Black or Vice versa. We are all God’s children and should treat each one as their own. The Nazi Democrat party is an evil that is spreading like wild fire across America. Just as Hitler and his Nazi Party of old did in Germany so many decades ago.


You’d think the world would have learned a valuable lesson from Hitler and his evil reign. It seems the old adage of people that refuse to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it, is very real.


Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !



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