Biden Risks Millions Of American Lives

Why does Joe Biden and the Nazi Democrat party put millions of Americans lives at risk?

Many say it’s for political votes from foreigners, along with their agenda to destroy America. They have worked for decades to reduce America’s wealth and military power to defend it’s self and America’s allies. They do this by weakening the economy by passing laws to make it harder and harder to keep a booming economy going. They pass laws that hurt America’s ability to succeed and at the same time pass laws that boost America’s enemies ability to increase their economies at America’s expense. Most Nazi Democrats work for foreign countries while fighting against America’s interests.

Joe Biden and the Nazi Democrat party have once again allowed illegal immigration to explode. They have opened the borders and allowed thousands of illegal aliens to cross the border unchecked. By doing so Joe Biden and the Nazi Democrat party has put American lives at risk by allowing illegal aliens to cross into the US bringing any number of diseases with them.

Biden Welcomes Illegal Aliens To Cross Border Unchecked For Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)



At a time when the Nazi Democrat party has pushed for American businesses to shut down and destroy the American economy, forcing American citizens to stay at home, wear masks and a number of suspicious protocols that seem to be designed just to burden the nation, they allow illegal aliens to enter the US with no screening for the Wuhan virus, aka Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), thereby spreading the virus and increasing the cases exponentially across America.

You have to be screened to get on a plane to go anywhere in the world, but there’s no need for any kind of check if your illegally crossing the border. That kind of incompetence means only one thing. It isn’t by accident, it’s very intentional. The Nazi democrat party has one goal in mind, to destroy the freedoms Americans have enjoyed for so long, and to enslave them in a socialist takeover. And if millions of Americans lose their lives in the process, it’s OK with the Nazi Democrat party.

American Lives Don’t Matter To Joe Biden And The Nazi Democrat Party

By allowing thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens to cross the border without screening for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the Nazi democrat Party has American blood on their hands once again. It’s becoming an all too familiar reality for the Nazi democrat Party to put the lives and well being of foreigners and illegal aliens ahead of American citizens. Americans who were born and raised in America come second to Joe Biden and the Nazi Democrat Party. Whether it’s helping with food, medicine, education, housing, jobs, safety or any metric you want to apply, True American Citizens will always come second to the Nazi Democrat Party of America.

It’s Time To Act

The time to act has been upon us for decades. The Nazi Democrat’s assault on America and it’s citizens has been going on for decades. The attack has really ramped up considerably in the last few years. They don’t even try and hide what they’re doing now, they have no shame. If Real Americans don’t stand up to fight the Nazi Democrat Party’s Socialist takeover now, it may well be too late. Every Day wasted is another day they can gain that much more control and do that much more damage to the nation. Every American citizen should be aggressively fighting the take over, do whatever they can to contribute to the cause to save our FREEDOM. There’s always a point of no return in every countries time on earth, and America is perilously close to hers.

One thing to remember is that it just takes one illegal immigrant from a terrorist state that has vowed to destroy America and Israel, to bring a dirty nuke bomb or deadly biological weapons across the border to kill millions of Americans in a matter of hours or days.  It isn’t by accident that the Biden administration opened the borders and allowed immigrants from Iran and other terrorist states to enter illegally and unchecked. It is an intentional act and needs to be stopped immediately. It may already be too late, who really knows what or who has already come across the border and set up plans to commit acts of terrorism. The Biden administration is guilty of Treason, plain and simple. They have the blood of millions of American lives on their hands, and an untold amount in the future.


Wake Up America, Before It’s Too Late !



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