Nashville Christian school shooting Kills 7

Nashville Christian school shooting Kills 7. The police department response was Swift as officers entered the first story of the school and  began clearing it, they heard shots coming from the second level. Police officers then immediately went to the gunfire, when the officers got to the second level they saw a shooter, a female who was firing a weapon. The officers engaged the shooter and the shooter was fatally shot by the 5 member team of officers.

Nashville Christian school shooting Kills 7

At the time of this writing, they believed the shooter to be in her late teens. Identification has not been confirmed at this juncture. They know that she was armed with at least two assault type rifles. The shooter entered the school through a side entrance and traversed her way from the first floor to the second floor firing multiple shots.

They now know that there are three students who were fatally wounded as well as three adults inside the school. Including the shooter, a total of seven persons were killed as a result of this morning’s incident at the school. By 10:27 the shooter was deceased. As confirmed by other sources.

The democrat party will undoubtedly use this tragedy to pursue their socialist effort to attack the Second Amendment. The sad fact is that if this school as any other school, had hardened the schools security, the shooter wouldn’t have entered so easily. Same as other instances, a door was left open on the side of the school. All doors need to be securely locked.

If staff at the school were armed and qualified in the use of firearms, they also might have been able to neutralize the threat. The democrat party fights against spending any money to secure schools to protect children. They have a long history of this kind of behavior.


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